Brand is more than just your logo. It’s the entire feeling your brand gives in every interaction with your customer. From your values, mission, down to colors, messaging and logo. Whether it’s crafting a new brand from zero, or modernising existing one to fit the digital age, make sure you cover everything!

Brand redesign

Vytahy (in English “Elevators ltd.) is the largest elevators manufacturer in the Czech Republic, having a significant presence in the industry. There was a need of big brand refreshment and the entire brand strategy set up.

The scope of the project required brand modernisation including logo, colours and other assets. As well as communication with unique slogans and taglines development, that resonated with the brand’s core values of premium quality, responsibility, and innovation. Every aspect of the project was carefully aligned with the brand’s mission and core competencies, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence across all touch points.

The old logo

The new logo

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G 255
B 0

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G 178
B 0

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G 69
B 38

R 244
G 243
B 243

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G 23
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Colour psychology is very important for any logo or branding project. Vytahy’s main brand colour has always been darker tone of green. This created strong associations overtime which were fully emphasised for this brand modernisation. Additionally, the green brand colours are completely unique on the market, giving the brand even more leverage.

Few green tones were introduced as complementary colours for both online and offline use. Light grey and dark green were then added in alignment with  the company’s mission as they are a high-end premium supplier.

Key messaging concept

The entire messaging strategy is based on keywords like security, reliability, customisability, usability and comfort. Each deeply resonating with the target audience, connecting with the brand’s core competencies. All these keywords were integrated throughout all the channels.

On the right side, you can see the key taglines translated in English. From which more communication was derived.

  • Elevators with no limits for everyone – Focus on availability and easy manipulation, even for handicapped users.
  • Security and comfort for your building. Since 1957. – Outlining the experience and tradition of the brand. With emphasis on core values, smooth ride and top security systems.
  • Elevator solutions tailored to you – Another core value in customisation to allow the customer fit the style and architecture of their building.