Frequently asked questions

I specialise in the following services;

  • Consultation
  • Setting up a developing your brand strategy
  • Digital marketing and social media strategy
  • Video creation and motion graphics
  • Graphic design, both print and digital

Yes! I am able provide my opinion and detailed input on your brand identiy, videos, collateral, etc. And what could be done to improve them. This can be done in a separate consultation or for free as a part of a specific project request.

I prioritise a project-based pricing structure, tailored specifically to what you are looking for!

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your project in more detail, that way I will be able to get you an accurate quote.

Absolutely! I have always aimed to create strong, long-term, and mutually beneficial relationships with my clients!

And besides other benefits, all future projects can be accelerated as I would not need to do research to get to know your market or learn brand guidelines.

I have worked with clients both inside and outside Europe. Luckily, there are no boundaries to connect virtually no matter where you are!

That really depends on how busy my schedule is and how complex your request is. However, there is always a worth to try so feel free to reach out to me directly!

I need to get close to your brand as possible. Meaning, you can be expected to be asked for anything that could help me understand your current situation. From any relevant market data, competitors, current activities or brand guidelines.

Eventually, a certain number of milestones can be agreed where I update you on the current state of the project. The number of milestones solely depends on the project complexity and your needs.

I will provide you with the entire project and all resources. Including final files, both for digital and print (If applicable) use, as well as native files. Additionally, I keep the copy of your project on my file, should you ever lose yours or for later updates.