Moving beyond. That should be your motto of when it comes to the digital marketing. Long gone are the days when a pure product promotion brings success and growth. Your audience is nowadays looking for understanding and genuine connection. That’s where well-researched, well-crafted and well-executed campaigns make the difference.

Below you can explore details of a few campaigns!

Safety Awareness Campaign

The aim of this paid campaign was to raise awareness and educate on the safety concerns associated with standard surgical masks during medical procedures.

Specifically targeted towards Southern European markets, including Spain, Italy, and Portugal, where highly strict legislation completely prohibits medical technology companies from promoting their products. Therefore, our strategy centered around being an educational platfrom where the audience can learn the details of published studies and data. Fully avoiding any product promotion.

The campaign included translated landing pages, along with three distinct post categories: UV light, healthcare professional, and patient-focused content. By simultaneously conducting A/B testing across all three categories, we were able to optimise the performance and learn invaluable insights, specific to each region.

As you can see below, the campaign strongly outperformed the industry benchmarks, making this campaign a great starting point for further initiatives!











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Social Media Campaign

The request was to create a set of animated visuals and static posts, which would promote the company and its products, hyperlinking to Lunit website. These were to be posted on the biggest radiology Instagram account in Spain, and eventually others.

Two pairs of videos were created with a slightly different approach – interactive with a little ‘test question’ and informative with curiosity sparking question.

Most importantly, the videos had to immediately catch viewers’ attention within the first two seconds. Questions are a great way to raise curiosity and to maintain the attention span. Moreover, with the lesion being eventually revealed, the radiologists could interactively replay the videos and try to spot the lesion themselves. At the end, a call to action is included to lead the viewer visit Lunit’s page.

Smoke Hazards

In this campaign, the objective was to create compelling videos that effectively communicate the hazards of surgical smoke and sparked curiosity about the product solution. To achieve this, we prioritised impactful and clear messaging designed to swiftly capture attention and evoke strong emotions within the target audience. Which would eventually lead them to a dedicated landing page.

Using footage featuring nurses and surgeons allowed us to establish a relatable connection with our audience, providing them with a more personal and engaging experience both with the post as well as with the brand.

By showcasing real healthcare professionals in action, we aimed to emphasise the importance of safety measures and highlight our solutions as integral to safeguarding their well-being.

Furthermore, strategic integration of visual elements such as smoke was used to stress the safety concerns, effectively driving the urgency of the main message. By leveraging these techniques, our videos not only informed but resonated deeply with viewers, ultimately boosting greater awareness and engagement surrounding the issue of surgical smoke hazards and the product solutions.