Lunit, abbreviated from “learning unit,” is an AI software company devoted to developing advanced medical image analytics and data-driven imaging biomarkers via cutting-edge deep learning technology.


Collaboration summary

We partnered up with Lunit back in 2021 for the duration of one year. The primary mission was to support their marketing and branding activities targeting the European market. Many projects were put together which successfully represented the brand on live events, as well as in the digital world.

My primary support lies in enhanced and creative solutions for their marketing and sales activities. Therefore, being easily recognisable and give the target audience, as well as internal employees, a unified brand experience, which translates the core values of the company.

Selected Projects

Social Media Campaign


The request was to create a set of animated visuals and static posts, which would promote the company and its products, hyperlinking to Lunit website. These were to be posted on the biggest radiology Instagram account in Spain, and eventually others.

Decision proces

Two pairs of videos were created with a slightly different approach – interactive (First two) and informative.

Most importantly, the videos had to immediately catch viewers’ attention within the first two seconds. Questions are a great way to raise curiosity and to maintain the attention span. Moreover, with the lesion being eventually revealed, the radiologists could interactively replay the videos and try to spot the lesion themselves. At the end, a call to action is included to lead the viewer visit Lunit’s page.

Key words

Innovative – Clear – Artificial intelligence – Curious – Progressive – Improved efficiency – Cancer detection – Chest x-ray – Mammography – Accuracy

Product collateral

Congress Experience

Congress experience

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