Below you can explore a few of projects when it comes to video creation, animations, as well as print design. Please note the projects and information in them may be amended for confidentiality reasons.

Logo animations

Logo animations are great dynamic assets to your entire brand identity. Giving motion to your brand grabs exponentially higher attention across all channels and elevates the brand recognition.

Product & Brand Videos

Product and brand videos are powerful tools for showcasing your products and telling your story in a captivating way. From presenting new products to highlighting brand values and achievements, these videos engage and inform your audience across various platforms.

Product launch Video

This video was created to excite the entire European team for a long-awaited product launch. That included a combination of taking new product shots with engaging animations.

Product brand Video

Here we have worked on a product brand video to educate and make the audience aware of current challenges. All with impactful messaging and visuals to captivate the viewers’ attention. The project scope additionally included 3D product modelling and visualisation.

Print design

Print materials are still a powerful tool for communication and product promotion. Even more so in todays’ digital age. Everything from product brochures, magazine advertisements, roll up banners, congress booths and much more.